Drawn to the Water | Atlanta Underwater Photographer

When I received the e-mail to set up this session, I was told these kiddos were avid swimmers, but I don’t think I had any idea of truly how drawn to the water they’d be! Within two minutes of arriving and getting their bathing suits on, they were swimming,  splashing, jumping and laughing. It was an awesome underwater session and their joy was contagious. There are many variables when it comes to underwater sessions and after doing everything in my power to get the layer of pollen off the top of the water (seriously…you could see it literally descending on the water in a cloud-like fashion from the pine trees the morning of the session) and heating the frigid water to a very comfortable temperature, this session went off swimmingly (see what I did there.. ha!) and I’m in love with the images that we captured during our time together. I am excited to be opening up a few underwater sessions again this summer and look forward to seeing some of my favorites in the water!

Atlanta Underwater Photographer 1

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