I think I may *still* be in a bit of shock over the fact that one of my images earned a 2017 Shoot & Share Contest first place award last month. After seeing all of the gorgeous images that were submitted in 2016, I knew I wanted to participate in the contest this year. Suffice it […]

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying our days under the sun this summer and I’ve been having a blast capturing underwater photography images this year! So much fun! I thought I’d hop over and share some personal photographs of my crew with you guys! We hope you all are enjoying a wonderful summer, as well! xo   […]

Hello, dear blog. Looonnng time, no see. I’m sorry about that. You see, I had such great aspirations coming off of maternity leave. Everything I shot was going to be blogged within a specific time frame and it was going to be great. Wellll, then life happened. And, life with a 3 year old and […]