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A few of my

Although I don't have much time to read these days, I always find the time whenever a new eg novel comes out. Best books ever.

emily giffin novels

She's my favorite. I get to see her in October & I'm beside-myself-giddy. I , also, am pretty sure that "When We Were Young" is the best song ever written...ever.


The hour before sunset, when the light glows as if it is on fire, seriously makes my soul happy and warms me from the inside out.

the golden hour

As a graduate of both schools, I enjoy the best of both worlds - UGA football & UNC basketball. Go dawgs & heels!

uga football/unc basketball

I'm addicted to anything that is navy & white stripped. I can NOT resist it, honestly, and it permeated so many aspects of my life.

navy & white stripes

my family

My tribe. They keep me busier than I ever realized was possible in the best ways possible. They seem to make me laugh harder each day. I love them so.