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So nice to meet you!



As mother of three, I get it. I understand the NEED to capture moments of today because these days do not last. Recently, I was going through images from when my oldest was born & it hit me like a ton of bricks. She'll never, ever be that tiny again & the only tangible evidence I have of her being *that* small are the photographs & videos taken at that time. After I pulled myself out of the nostalgic moment, I was reminded of how valuable the moments I capture are. In the over-documented world we live in - with camera phones always at the ready - I think we have all become desensitized to the true value of beautifully capturing moments in timeless photographs rather than digital snapshots that are never enjoyed outside of a computer screen. This realization was a great reminder to myself, which is why I'm sharing it with you, to capture the fleeting moments, print those photographs on beautiful mediums & enjoy them every day. If you agree with me, it would be an absolute honor to help you preserve your precious memories, too.

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